Originally created 01/10/01

Looking forward to honorable president in White House

Paul L. Cook's Jan. 4 letter said he is counting the days to a Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency. Well, I have been eagerly counting the days to the end of "the most ethical administration in history ..."

I disagree with the statement that, "what is good for the Democratic Party is good for America." To quote the greatest president of the last half-century, Ronald Reagan, "Let's take a walk down memory lane" and recall some achievements from 40 years' worth of Democrat-dominated administrations and Congresses:

1960s: The Bay of Pigs fiasco; the coddling of Communism; the failed "Great Society" programs; the dramatic escalation of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War and its terrible cost to our country; urban decay and resulting social unrest; widespread environmental pollution; illicit drug usage.

1970s: Multiple energy crises and no coherent energy policy; the dismantlement and demoralization of our Armed Forces; the Iranian hostage crisis and the loss of American prestige overseas; deficit spending, roaring inflation, 21 percent interest rates; and, a "national malaise" (Sen. Ed Kennedy, D-Mass.).

1990s: The single largest tax increase in U.S. history; ill-advised military involvements where no vital national interests were threatened (Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia); Whitewater; Travelgate; Chinagate; Monicagate; Waco; Ruby Ridge; more than 50 criminal indictments of administration personnel; a presidential impeachment; suspicious profits in cattle futures trading; failure of U.S. immigration policies and the "war on drugs," compromises of secrets at nuclear weapons laboratories ...

After eight miserable, morally-bankrupt years under President Bill Clinton, I am looking forward to the next four years with President-elect George W. Bush and Vice-President-elect Dick Cheney. They are men of honor and integrity, traits that have been missing from the Oval Office.

Paul A. Hines, Aiken


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