Originally created 01/09/01

Snow tops teens' list of news stories

A dusting of snow.

Wintry weather, which brought 2-3 inches of snow and closed schools for a day a year ago, was the biggest news story of the year for teen-agers, according to a telephone and online poll conducted by The Augusta Chronicle. The flakes were part of a storm that swept up the East Coast, knocking out power and dumping up to a foot of snow on some Northern cities.

The storm had a huge lead over any other story in the poll: The next most important stories received 26 votes, compared to 117 votes for the snow. There was a tie for the second-most important story of the year. Reinaldo Rivera, who is charged with rape, assault and murder in the deaths of four young women - three of them missing teens - tied with busts made by police at keg parties attended by teen-agers.

The results

117 votes: Snow blankets the area

26 votes: Reinaldo Rivera case

26 votes: Teen keg party busts

24 votes: Confederate flag controversy

20 votes: Presidential election

19 votes: Jessica Carpenter's death

12 votes: Bomb threats at Midland Valley

10 votes: Teen traffic fatalities

9 votes: South Carolina lottery

6 votes: Napster controversy


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