Originally created 01/09/01

Animal rights leader rips critic

When I read Mitch Courson's Dec. 31 letter about me, I wondered if I should even reply to someone who didn't have one correct fact in his letter. This man doesn't know me at all, and is probably a friend of someone I have crossed swords with.

There are many battling against the rights of animals in our area, and I am sure there will be more. Bring them on. As long as I have breath in my body, I will fight to see that animals are not mistreated, and that those who harm them are prosecuted and punished.

If I were hung up on "being in charge," I don't think we would have the tremendous number of volunteers we now have. I know I wouldn't volunteer with any organization that was barking orders at me, and neither would they.

For Mr. Courson's information I have never been a member of any other animal welfare organization other than the one I started, Molly's Militia, so I certainly haven't been "thrown out" of one. I hope he seeks help for his delusions, and spends his time helping animals instead of spreading lies in his bogus letters to the editor.

Elaine van der Linden, Belvedere

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