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Mayor spells out hiring plans

The city has set a timetable for finding a new administrator, and someone could be hired as early as mid-March.

Augusta Mayor Bob Young, in his annual State of the City address on Comcast cable television, covered the gamut of political topics during the 15-minute speech, including discussing his Monday conversation with the Massachusetts-based executive search firm hired to find someone to fill the 3´-month vacant city administrator's position.

"I anticipate recommending to the commission next month a candidate for city administrator who shares your vision and mine for a modern, efficient government," Mr. Young said from the Daniel Village broadcast room.

He told the show's host, Austin Rhodes, that representatives from Dick Bennett & Associates are scheduled to present commissioners with a list of semifinalists Feb. 14.

A final list of three is expected to be released by the first week in March, and by the March 20 commission meeting an administrator is expected to be appointed, he said after the show.

Comcast cable reaches 95,000 homes. After the address, Mr. Young fielded 11 questions from viewers who called in, including a phone call of support from Augusta Commissioner Andy Cheek.

An additional eight calls went unanswered, and Mr. Young is slated to reschedule an appearance later this month.

The mayor answered questions about urban renewal, minority businesses, several downtown projects and the city's newly implemented sign ordinances.

"It was typical of the questions I get," Mr. Young said. "People are concerned about their own little sphere of influence. It's something personal to them that they want to know about."

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