Originally created 01/08/01

Bush's terrible Transportation pick

Is President-elect George W. Bush swapping integrity for diversity or caving in to the extreme left wing of the Democrat Party?

If the congressional watchdog group Judicial Watch is right, it may be both.

Democrat Norman Mineta, the pick by "Dubya" for Transportation secretary, was implicated in the Clinton administration Commerce Department trade missions scandal. It involved the selling of airline seats for campaign contributions on so-called trade junkets. Sound familiar?

That's not all. Mr. Mineta, who was Bill Clinton's pick for Commerce secretary, took part in a 1994 trade mission to Indonesia which involved John Huang and others implicated in the Chinagate scandal. Also involved were Charlie Trie, James Riady and Mark Grobmyer, according to information uncovered in the course of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch.

Add all this to the fact that Mr. Clinton reportedly sent Mr. Mineta to placate the family of Wen Ho Lee, the nuclear engineer and purported spy at Los Alamos Laboratory, in order to generate votes for Democrats from the Asian-American community. This occurred while Lee was being investigated by the feds for criminal espionage.

After eight long years of silliness, scandals and corruption during President Clinton's watch in the White House, one would have hoped that George W. Bush would have a little more political acumen than to have nominated a crook like Norman Mineta to a Cabinet post...

Frank Murphy, Aiken


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