Originally created 01/07/01

Guard, reservists are not cowardly

Regarding the Jan. 3 letter of Richard D. Renew:

He may slam George W. Bush any way he sees fit, but to assume that all National Guard and Reserve jobs are cowardly is a poignant statement to his ignorance.

If he checked his history books he will find that many of those men and women who served so proudly in the Korean and Vietnam wars, as well as the Gulf War, were those "cowardly" people to whom he is referring.

Also remember the next time a hurricane slams the East Coast of Georgia-South Carolina that it's those "cowardly" National Guard members ... who are out there sandbagging and keeping his community safe from looters and vandals.

An excerpt from (a historical text): "Long before the Declaration of Independence was written ... a century before Thomas Jefferson drafted the Bill of Rights ... even before the first of our 13 original colonies raised a flag, there were Americans fighting for freedom. They became the famous Minutemen - ordinary colonists who could be called upon at a minute's notice to defend their colony."

The "you can" spirit that compelled those settlers to become "citizen-soldiers" has been part of our American heritage for more than 360 years. These patriots were the backbone of our fight for independence at Lexington and Concord. They camped with Washington at Valley Forge. They charged the San Juan Hill and scaled the cliffs at Normandy. They even marched through the jungles of Vietnam and the sands of Desert Storm.

It's a proud heritage that includes the names of some of our finest heroes: Paul Revere, Ethan Allen and John Hancock. It also includes the names of 18 of our presidents, such as Col. George Washington, Capt. Abraham Lincoln and Capt. Harry S. Truman.

Today, over 350,000 patriotic Americans with the same "you can" spirit have volunteered to become members of the Army National Guard. These are ordinary citizens who, like their forefathers, are always prepared to keep our nation "The Land of the Free."

Cherie Lee Portinga, Evans


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