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Pocket change


Internet commerce systems that support online shopping may reduce the use of warehouses but they generally rely on a transportation system that is more energy- and pollution-intensive, says a "Green Design" team at Carnegie Mellon University.

The team found online orders require more packaging, making the environmental impact 2.5 times worse. Their research also shows online orders sent via air generate three pounds of carbon dioxide per book. Fewer emissions result from walking to the local bookstore for the same item.


Even though the job market is good for job-seekers now, finding the right job still takes work.

You have to steel yourself for rejection, because almost every job search involves hearing that someone doesn't want to hire you.

Finally, in order to find a new job that will make you happy, you have to understand your career identity, or how you view yourself professionally. In today's fast-changing job market, it's critical to have a flexible view of your professional identity, so you can accept change in the workplace.


Procter & Gamble Co., ever on the lookout for a consumer trend, sees a correlation between how you like your steak and how you like your coffee.

The company's Millstone coffee brand recently launched a Web site, www.personalblends.com, that lets users customize their coffee through a series of questions about their tastes.

The site's "tasteprint survey" quizzes consumers on the way they like their meat or vegetables cooked, how spicy they prefer their salsa and whether they enjoy dark or light chocolate.


Improving business etiquette not only helps you interact better with co-workers and clients, but also may speed your climb up the corporate pole, says Marjorie Brody, a motivational speaker on career enhancement and corporate etiquette from Jenkintown, Pa.

Ms. Brody offers 10 suggestions for improving workplace courtesy. She advocates smiling and greeting co-workers, replacing the toner and fixing paper jams in the copier, responding to written correspondence within 48 hours, leaving concise voice-mail messages, mastering table manners and learning what constitutes good small talk.


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