Originally created 01/06/01

Downtown can be proud

Regarding the Dec. 25 letter by Jessica Jones, as a lifelong resident of Augusta I remember shopping downtown as a child, and remember the death of downtown as the malls opened.

I have watched over the past six years as people my age (33) chose to stay in Augusta and open stores, restaurants, coffee shops and, yes, bars.

I'm proud of what downtown has become and of the people who have opened these places.

The strip clubs have been open longer than I can remember and will always be.

Maybe you should consider going during the day and supporting the retail stores or open one for yourself. I believe if you support the other things that downtown Augusta has to offer then more of the same will open.

As for the tourists, try driving by the strip clubs during Masters week and then tell me the tourists find offense with this element in Augusta. The women who work in those places look forward to the money they make - not from Augusta residents, but from tourists.

Laura B. Neuner, Augusta


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