Originally created 01/04/01

Defends Ashcroft's conservatism

Regarding the Associated Press article in the Feb. 28 Augusta Chronicle, titled "Ashcroft's conservative leanings":

The first statements was that he (Attorney General-designate John Ashcroft) "Opposed federal money for drug treatment."

Two points need to be made here. First, there's no such thing as federal money. It is citizens' money taken away from them through taxes designed by Democrats and so-called moderate Republicans to buy votes of minorities and dependents who want to live off of other people's work.

Secondly, I agree with Mr. Ashcroft's statement that he fought vigorously against abortion rights; again, as long as tax dollars (my money) isn't used to pay for abortions. I think a woman has the right to make her own choice and the first one should be the use of birth control.

Then Mr. Ashcroft was attacked for defending Southern patriots such as Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and others. I think they are a lot more patriotic than Gen. William T. Sherman, Gen. Ulysses Grant and the rest of the murdering bunch who invaded the sovereign territory of the Southern states to protect the North's excessive taxes.

I could go on and on, but why shouldn't someone who believes in strict enforcement of the Constitution "as it is written" and not as some would "interpret" it, be enforcing our laws?

Do liberals think they are the only ones who can enforce the laws of this land? They have done a very poor job, supporting a man who committed adultery in the White House and then violated his oath of office by lying under oath.

Democrats need to stop trying to interpret the laws as they want to see them and get together with conservatives of all parties and start insisting that the laws on the books are enforced and that those who live off the work of taxpayers get off their butts and help themselves as much as they can. Then we can assist them.

Donald W. Turner, Grovetown


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