Originally created 01/04/01

Remote control plane club needs site

It is not a happy new year for all of Columbia County. There is a group of citizens who fly remote control airplanes just outside the city limits of Grovetown.

We are members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, a national nonprofit organization, and we lost our flying site Jan. 1.

For the two years that I have been a member of the Georgia Model Aeronautical Society, we have had four celebrations of flight (fly-ins, we call them). These are events that our members and fellow remote control airplane enthusiasts from the local and outlying areas attend.

We have advertised throughout the community and welcome guests of all ages. You may have seen our demonstrations or booths at the Boshears fly-in for several years. We are a group of local residents who love the beauty of flight and dedicate much of our time sharing our hobby with others. Our club always welcomes newcomers and spectators.

I am an educator in this county, and share my love for science and flight with my students. I can no longer invite the students to learn about flight on the weekends. The standing invitation they have to experience flight will no longer be available.

To many of you, this may seem a small loss. To members of model aeronautical, it is heartbreaking. Our community needs opportunities for our young and old.

We are now looking for a flying site in Columbia County. We are a sanctioned club that has liability insurance to protect the site owner. If you know of a suitable spot, please help. There are other places to fly and clubs in other areas. We cannot, however, share our love of flight with the community that we live in when we fly in other counties and states.

Craig W. Baker, Appling


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