Originally created 01/03/01

Evolution doesn't undercut God

Regarding evolution and creationism's role in the classroom:

Evolution is a process, not an event responsible for transforming a single cell into a human. The essence of evolution is to explain why populations of organisms change over time.

To try to apply "evolution" to single-handedly prove huge biological leaps is impossible. Moreover, to disclaim or try to equate evolution to creationism by attacking the lack of "links" between a man and a single cell is incredibly silly.

To account for billions of years of change in 158 years time is ludicrous. This is no way to judge science. Evolution is not obvious to the ignorant, being a dynamic yet gradual process.

Teaching evolution is not a deliberate act to undermine God or refute the Bible. Nor are evolutionists crusaders against "believers in God." Furthermore, when did the validity of evolution hinge on its means to show that humans evolved from microorganisms? Evolution is the linchpin of biology as the atom unifies chemistry - both are held in "theory" but are essential.

Creationism does nothing for learning about or understanding biology. Schools only need to go so far as to mention that there is a possibility of a "creator" for early forms of life. Unless there is extensive work on how creationism explains relationships between biological topics based on scientific principle and observation, then any more time in the class spent to appease creationists should be considered strictly theological.

Kenny N. Kay, Martinez

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