Originally created 01/02/01

Evolution a religion of hopelessness

Creationism and evolutionism are neither religions or science. Creationism is a philosophy based on the religion of Christianity, evolutionism is a philosophy based on the religion of humanism. Which one a person subscribes to is determined by the object of his or her faith...

All evolutionary arguments begin with the assumption of pre-existing material. They never have an answer for what was "In the beginning... ."

Mark Gelbart's letter refers to the solar system. The solar system could not exist based on the evolutionary theory of planet formation. The common explanation is that planetary material was ejected from the sun and coalesced into the planets with circular orbits. Any material ejected from the sun would travel in a direction away from the sun, either continuing into outer space, if it had escape velocity, or fall back into the sun.

Anyone familiar with orbital dynamics knows that for a body to achieve orbit, the trajectory must be constantly adjusted from vertical to circumferential, with a continual application of thrust. Ejected material only has the initial momentum and gravity acting on it.

A law of biology is life only comes from life. In the evolutionary process, at what point was life imparted to the lifeless elements, and what was the source of that life?..

One absolute certainty is that evolution/humanism is a hopeless religion, while Christianity offers mankind an eternal hope with the creator God.

Ron Cox, Evans

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