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Creationism draws another defense

Regarding letters from persons uncomfortable with the topic of creation vs. evolution, such as that of Mark Gelbart, Dec. 18:

The theory of evolution waxed well in the dark ages of science, when naturalist Charles Darwin founded his proposition on coastal observations in South America, and Pacific islands (circa 1830s). Earlier, scientists proposed the earth was flat and one could venture over the edge... Today science slips up and produces medications and chemicals that maim or kill. Eventually light is shed and the matter corrected.

That is the role of the Institute for Creation Research. This institute is anything but a radical religious proponent of theocracy, as Mr. Gelbart says. It was founded by scientists finding it difficult to justify evolution in light of modern findings and investigative tools.

The Bible clearly and systematically presents the case of creation, as do many historical records. Since biblical accounts led to archaeological discoveries, and surprisingly accurate descriptions of the universe, the institute's founding scientists gave the scriptures a hearing. We now know much evolution evidence was fabricated...

Evolution is not a fact, nor are its arguments conclusive. Indeed, the scientific community has begun to shy away from the theory, using terms like Big Bang to skirt the word creation.

Things do not naturally evolve from disorder into a state of order. The second law of thermal dynamics states that: "All complex systems begin with a state of high order and eventually degrade into a state of disorder." Thus chaos (the source for evolution) would evolve chaos.

Let the evolutionist begin with nothing, absolutely nothing, no gases, no dust, no vapor, no gravity, no motion, no statically charged amoebas, and let him explain his way through the law of biogenesis in which life begins from life, not from non-life...

Charles Bowen, Augusta


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