Originally created 01/02/01

Bush won and it's time to move on

Let's set the facts straight on the election. The U.S. Supreme Court voted 7-2 to overturn the Florida Supreme Court ruling that allowed for recounts of disputed ballots in the state. This is a clear and overwhelming majority of the court that ruled that the court had overstepped its constitutional authority. This is the ruling that put a stake through the heart of the Democrats' efforts to overturn the election.

Naturally they and the press don't want to use this ratio, so they fall back on the close 5-4 ruling in deciding that there was no constitutionally acceptable procedure for a new recount to proceed by the Dec. 18 deadline.

Again, the first ruling killed Gore's chances since the only way he was going to get enough votes in the first place was by counting dimpled and pregnant chad, which had never been counted in Florida elections before, by the way. (Remember the machine count had already confirmed Bush's victory at least twice.) Also, those proposing the abolition of the Electoral College are being short-sighted or are partisans who see nothing wrong with a handful of major metropolitan areas along the east and west coasts deciding the election.

Yes, Mr. Gore received the majority of the popular vote by some 300,000 votes, but Mr. Bush carried the Electoral College. When compared to a football game Mr. Gore may have gotten the most yardage, but Mr. Bush won the game on points.

I suggest that if you eliminate the felons, the dead, the double votes and the illegal aliens that were counted, and add the absentee and military votes that were not, Mr. Bush would easily carry the popular vote as well.

However, it's irrelevant, the numbers we have now are official. What we have learned is that the process is ugly, it's bitter, and you may not like the results, but it works. Mr. Bush won, Mr. Gore lost, get over it and let's move on.

Ken Gott, Evans


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