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Creation, evolution mystery solved 123000 - The Augusta Chronicle

Throughout the ages scientists have attempted to explain the beginning of the earth and the reason for all life. And throughout the ages people have come to think that science and God cannot exist together.

There is another option. It doesn't have to be just science or just God, it can be both.

When I first heard the "big bang" theory, I was surprised anyone could consider that everything is because of a pure accident billions of years ago. ...

So I began to wonder. "OK. Here's the big bang, kaboom, and there was matter, then there's God... Why can't they be the same thing?"

But I had to stop wondering for a while because at this point in my life a lot was changing. We were moving, I was starting a new school and I was getting busier. ...

Then came high school and I was told you don't all of a sudden have matter where before you didn't have any. This was my answer. "Big-bang" says that in the beginning there was nothing, just space and energy. Genesis says, in the beginning, it was just God and nothing.

So everything starts the same. Then "big-bang" states that energy collided and the first bits of matter came to be - but now I know that you can't just make matter, you have to have something there before to have something there after. So I knew that there had to be a Greater Power. ...

Julia Harder, Grovetown

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