Originally created 12/29/00

Augusta-Columbia terminal urged 122900 - The Augusta Chronicle

The notion that Delta Air Line's withdrawal from Augusta Regional Airport would result in lower U.S. Air fares is a big joke.

With Delta and U.S. Air the fare out of Augusta, round trip 14 days in advance, was over $900 to Norfolk, Va. I checked the fare out of Columbia and the same fare was just a tad over $600. Interestingly, I saw a lot of cars in the parking lot with Georgia tags. (It takes less than an hour to go to the Columbia airport.)

Recent articles about how our commissioners want to spend an extra $400,000 on additional studies to improve the existing airport and attract more air carriers to reduce fares is, in my mind, just another waste of money.

We need a wake-up call for local, state and federal officials to meet with the same folks from South Carolina and develop a major airport halfway between Augusta and Columbia.

This will increase air travel out of one location and have other airlines standing in line to get the business.

Furthermore, we probably could get the U.S. government to pay a large portion of the cost and create expanded employment for both states. We need to spend our money where we get more people involved than just local commissioners who can't agree on much of anything.

George Blackburn, Martinez


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