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The election was fair to blacks 122900 - The Augusta Chronicle

Regarding Lucille Wright's Dec. 15 letter, "Election not fair to blacks":

No one foresaw that election 2000 would come down to Florida. To imply that Florida Gov. Jeb Bush fixed the election in the other 49 states so that (Florida) could be the determining factor in his brother's election is absurd.

Furthermore, if the political experts are correct, there were indeed errors and undercounts made in every state.

Ms. Wright's allegations of abandoned or destroyed ballot boxes are exactly that - allegations. I agree where she states the right thing to do would be to look into all the allegations...

However, the thing about allegations and accusations is that anyone can make them.

Thus, I would like to know her source of information? She stated that the media and press did not report these incidents. So how did this story arrive in Lincolnton, Ga., while escaping the media circus in Florida?

As for her statement "as if to say black people's votes do not count for anything," they should and they do. In fact, the vote of a black American counts the same as that of a white American, and far more than that of any American who opted to stay home this year.

Which brings me to this: Mrs. Wright wrote, "If those people who are in high authority had God in their hearts they would have done the right thing...," then later, "God will have the last word."

With all due respect, that is a bit presumptuous (and) appears to be wrong. For in the same edition of The Chronicle where her letter appears, George W. Bush is shown on the front page conducting his first action as president-elect - attending worship to pray for his administration.

Meanwhile, on page two, there is a report that a "sweaty Al Gore" spent the evening after his concession speech "drinking beer with Jon Bon Jovi" and other rock star celebrities until 3 a.m., while Tipper (Gore) pounded on the drums.

Perhaps God did have the last word after all.

John Sisson III, Evans


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