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Recalls editorial's criticism of King 121800 - The Augusta Chronicle

Over the years The Augusta Chronicle has been highly critical of the black agenda when it differs from the newspaper's. For instance:

When the young Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. began his protest against the South's legal, but immoral, segregation, The Chronicle was highly critical in an editorial published Dec. 12, 1959, titled "Invitation to insurrection."

Dr. King had given a speech in Birmingham, Ala., calling for "A full-scale assault on the system of segregation...to arouse the conscience of the South."

The Chronicle responded, "Words such as these will neither arouse `The conscience of the South' ... nor produce any result other than violence of a kind that will wreck any hope of racial harmony in the future and bring untold and undeserved misery to the many intelligent and innocent Negroes who wish to have no part in any such plan for wholesale breaking of the laws of the states wherein they live."

History has vindicated Dr. King's stand against unjust laws and has also shown that The Chronicle was wrong then as, I think, it is wrong this time in its editorial of Dec. 13, criticizing the Rev. Jesse Jackson for going "too far" in his call for demonstrations against the manner in which George W. Bush ascended to the presidency.

History, as in the case of Dr. King, will either vindicate or censure the Rev. Jackson as well as The Chronicle for their actions and opinions. Let's wait and see what the verdict will be.

Grady Abrams, Martinez


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