Originally created 12/18/00

Why do military folks back Gore? 121800 - The Augusta Chronicle

As I write Al Gore hasn't yet given his concession speech, but the handwriting is on the wall; George W. Bush is our president-elect.

All along I've been listening to both sides (Democrats and Republicans) vehemently argue that their man should be elected. Some of my wife's friends have insisted that Mr. Gore should win. This I cannot understand because they have U.S. military connections, either through marriage or in-laws of same.

What I fail to grasp is why would anyone with military affiliations vote for or cheer on the efforts of the Gore team to win the Florida Electoral votes? Mr. Gore has been pushing to exclude the overseas and military votes because he knows they are predominantly for Mr. Bush.

Mr. Gore was running for the office that would have made him commander-in-chief of all those men and women in uniform. Am I the only one who can see the lunacy of this action? Any person who would back a commander-in-chief who tries to disenfranchise him (or her) is a fool, in my opinion.

John E. Hunt, SFC, USN (Ret.), Augusta


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