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Empty Stocking Fund

An Aiken man writes to the Empty Stocking Fund about the virtues of his wife.

"I think she is the best woman in the world," he writes. "She's always giving and never asking for anything in return."

Since the man found out last year that he had to have a heart transplant and stop working, his wife has taken care of the bills.

Because he is now disabled, she also takes care of the house and the two sons after work.

But he writes that she never stops going, and she never lets him know how worried she really is - that the bills are behind, that he has to go out of town for more tests, that there isn't enough money to buy the boys anything for Christmas.

But he knows she's concerned about what lies ahead for the family. So he writes to the fund for some help so he can give them a special Christmas this year.

Through contributions to the Empty Stocking Fund, the family will receive gift certificates at local Kroger and Kmart stores.

The Empty Stocking Fund was created in 1930 by William S. Morris Jr. when he was publisher of The Augusta Chronicle.

Contributions can be sent to Empty Stocking Fund, P.O. Box 1928, Augusta, GA 30903-1928. Or visit augustachronicle.com/emptystocking to make your donations to the Empty Stocking Fund online.

Applications for the fund are still being accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For more information about where to pick up the applications or how to contribute, call INFOLINE at 442-4444 and press 3340.

Previously acknowledged: $45,019.36

Joel and Sibyl W. Simmons - $25.00

In Memory of Richard Ramp - 25.00

To celebrate the birth of Christ - 280.00

No Name Please - 10.00

James Beard and Mrs. Annie E. Beard - 25.00

Alex & Sara Chang - 50.00

Anonymous Please - 20.00

In Memory of Carol Ann Noblin - 10.00

In loving memory of Mr. & Mrs. O.B. Washington Sr. - 25.00

G.W. Mathews Jr. and Jane B. Mathews - 50.00

In Memory of John Ballard - 20.00

In memory of my favorite Aunt Bernice Peebles - 10.00

No Name Please - 100.00

Have a Merry Christmas - Jennifer & Austen Bauer - 100.00

Merry Christmas! From Cal, "Catie," Leigh and Carson - 100.00

Paul F. Thiele - 1,000.00

Dennis L. and Dorothy O'Leary - 100.00

In memory of my lovely grandmother, Nancy Shields Trowbridge, and mother, Mabel T. Blount - 25.00

Total today: $1,975.00

Total this year: $46,994.36


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