Originally created 12/17/00

Gore drapes nation in dishonor 121700 - The Augusta Chronicle

Considering the escapades of this president, it is not surprising that the political aspirations of the vice president brought the nation to the inevitable briefs and oral arguments.

The dishonor that cloaks this divisive and corrupt administration now extends to a contempt of our country's electoral process.

Vice President Al Gore has shown himself as a political whore of the worst kind. At first the Florida debate was supposedly in regard to uncounted votes... Suddenly it was no longer just a case of uncounted votes, but an assault on the accuracy of machine recounts...

Such lusting has done tremendous damage to our voting system. Any intelligent person understands that there exists a non-discriminating human error factor in all voting processes...

But if machine counts are less accurate than hand recounts (which are also inaccurate) then it's apparent that machine first counts would also be less accurate than hand first counts.

Using Mr. Gore's position, all states using machine first counts would be rendered impotent and their vote totals wrong. All states that used such machines would have to be recounted; all using one standard. If this were not done, then Florida would be given special privilege. This violates equality and "equal protection" under the Law.

Only competent adults should vote. There is no excuse for any competent person to leave the polling place without voting correctly. It's simple: Punch your ballot through.

John Peebles, Augusta

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