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Wants better perspective on news 121700 - The Augusta Chronicle

We the people need help from our local newspaper staff. The recent flap over the presidential election points up something we all knew, but was reinforced during the long fight for the presidency: Lawyers don't tell the truth; they only tell their side or interpretation.

News people just keep repeating what is said. If these half truths are repeated often enough you begin to believe that the lie is true.

We need your help to filter out the half truths for us and tell the whole story. Television people can't do this because they don't have the time to reflect on what is said, and besides, they are essentially actors, not trained journalists. They just read what's put before them.

Our own newspaper staff is the only way we the people can get the truth and make informed decisions. Many times this is not done for us and the news from the Associated Press or The New York Times or the Los Angeles Times is quoted with no editorial comments or revisions.

We all know these papers have a liberal agenda that they push. To just repeat them requires no effort for the local newspaper, but it leaves us with half truths and lies, or "spin" as it is called today.

As an example, the Dec. 14 Chronicle had an article by Terence Hunt of the Associated Press that parroted the Democratic spin on the election by again saying Al Gore got 330,000 more votes that did George W.Bush, implying Mr. Gore was the winner.

A proper perspective would add that all elections decided by popular vote require that the winner must receive the majority of votes, which no candidate received; and that more people voted against Mr. Gore than for him.

This country cannot long endure with an uneducated electorate that's fed propaganda. You only have to look at Adolph Hitler's reign to understand that.

Please do a better job of reporting all the facts. If that is not done, this country is doomed to fall into the hands of despots.

Elwyn Wingo, North Augusta


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