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Do you do things the same way every Christmas? Maybe it's time to change your holiday routine. The following ideas are from The Little Book of Christmas Joys (Rutledge Hill Press, 1994).

- Make and serve one traditional food you've read or heard about, even if it isn't chocolate - a figgy pudding, for instance.

- Invite people to drop in for a glass of eggnog.

- Go to every holiday party you're invited to, if only for a few minutes.

- When wrapping a present, add a sprig of holly, a candy cane or a gold pine cone.

- Make at least one present by hand.

- Have a second tree somewhere in the house, maybe in your child's room.

- Put candles everywhere.


Are you kept awake at night by the surface-of-the-sun Christmas-light display next door? Have you affixed so many tiny bulbs to your own dwelling that it looks more like a UFO than a three-bedroom ranch? The Chronicle is seeking the best and brightest displays for a story on the art of holiday lighting. Nominations should be submitted to Steven Uhles via e-mail at suhles@hotmail.com or by phone at (706) 823-3626.


ABC airs George of the Jungle at 7 on WJBF-TV (Channel 6). Brendan Fraser swings for laughs in this amiable spoof based on the 1960s cartoon.


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