Originally created 12/17/00

Pocket change


Technology companies have a reputation for the lengths they'll go to recruit employees in this hot job market - stock offerings, work-life options, Foosball tables in the boardroom. But holiday bonuses? Forget it.

The annual tradition is rare in the technology world, where most bonuses are tied to performance.

One reason Christmas bonuses have fallen from favor is that companies have become sensitive to cultural differences among employees.

WHERE'S THE POTTY? Toilet hunters, rejoice! Now your wireless Palm hand-held computer can point you to a nearby potty.

Rovenet Inc.'s free Where2Go 1.0 bathroom finder download arrived this week on Palm Inc.'s wireless portal Palm.net and on YadaYada.com, another wireless provider. For now, the bathroom information is available for only a dozen cities, including New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Miami and Washington. Along with providing locations, the program rates restrooms from the four-star commodes of Post Street's Rizzoli Bookstore in San Francisco to the one-star stalls of Mission Street's Transbay Terminal.


As e-mail becomes more and more important, it doesn't make sense for your address to be tied to your Internet service provider, your job or your school.

The answer is taking control of your own dot, in other words, registering a domain name that becomes your e-mail and Web address for life.

Registering and supporting a personal domain has been complicated and expensive, but the online mega-portal Yahoo (www.yahoo.com) has made domain ownership truly easy and affordable. Yahoo's Personal Address service, launched Oct. 19, costs just $35 a year and takes only a few minutes to set up.


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