Originally created 12/16/00

U.S. high court saves the republic 121600 - The Augusta Chronicle

Thank God for the rule of law. Thank God for the United States Supreme Court, which rejected the unconstitutional and illegal acts of the political hacks on the Florida Supreme Court.

The republic is saved for now. Liberals, in their defeat, will not accept that defeat. Like spoiled and petulant children, they will find someone or something to blame. It wasn't fair, etc.

You cannot reason with them, for they are always right by divine ordination. Al Gore, aided by the Democratic Party and Florida justices who put party above country, twisted and contorted the law. The only way they could prevail was to bend or break the law in their favor, and but for the U.S. Supreme Court, they could have succeeded.

The rule of law prevailed. Will George W. Bush now have a successful presidency? No. They will see to this by keeping up the drumbeat that he is not a legitimate president.

They will obstruct and nothing will get done, when in fact they are the ones who tried to hijack the office and failed...

Robert Smock, Hephzibah


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