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Parents urged to support teachers 121600 - The Augusta Chronicle

Parents, wake up. Look at what's happening to your children. As one who has been there, and who continues to work with kids in school, let me warn you: We're heading for trouble.

We hear so much about our education system. There are all kinds of theories about what the problem is and how to fix it. But it's not about the money, the class size or the teachers (with a few exceptions).

Most teachers are there because they love children, it is their calling. They sure could make a lot more money elsewhere.

It's about discipline and respect for authority. How can a teacher teach unless she has students ready and willing to learn?

How do parents demonstrate respect for authority to their children? (55 mph in a 45 mph zone?)

Do they support the teacher when their children are there? Disagree with the teacher, talk with her privately - yes, but let your child know you are behind her...

Wake up, my friends. We are headed for trouble if we as parents and grandparents don't start becoming moms and dads and grandparents instead of buddies to our children.

I know many have to work, but they shouldn't make it up to the children by buying them things and relinquishing their responsibility to teach them properly.

It all starts in the home. Please take a good look at yourself and ask the tough questions: What have I done to create this problem and how can I help turn things around? True love is tough love, making the tough choices that will help your child get a good education and prepare for the future...

Grace G. Allen, Trenton

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