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Correcting the record on Bush's win 121600 - The Augusta Chronicle

Sylvia Littlejohn's Dec. 5 letter makes several points that are inaccurate at best.

"The initial recount in Florida was required by Florida law (not Al Gore) since the vote margin between the candidates was less than half of 1 percent."

True, but who cares? This recount has never been contested by George W. Bush.

"Without Florida, Mr. Gore leads the electoral vote count 262-246 (as of Nov. 29)."

Again I will say, true, but who cares? To have a winner through the Electoral College, a candidate needs 270 votes.

"Mr. Gore already won the popular vote (showing the intent of most Americans)."

To this I say, "bull." Count the absentee ballots Mr. Gore wants rejected and his so-called lead will shrink, possibly giving the popular vote to Mr. Bush.

"No one yet knows who won the election in Florida since all the votes have not been counted (though some have been counted several times)."

Most Americans do know who won Florida. I believe it was a TimeCNN Poll recently which asked who won Florida. Approximately 60 percent of respondents said George W. Bush won Florida.

"The counties Mr. Gore asked to be recounted had significant irregularities."

To this I again say, "bull." The counties Mr. Gore asked for were picked with the hope that these counties would bring in the needed votes. The so-called undercount was higher in counties that went for Mr. Bush. Why not count those as well?

"It was Mr. Bush who first went to the courts for relief."

What is her point? Gore would have ended up there in a matter of days anyway. The recounts being performed were being done without standards, procedures or methods, and are inherently unfair. Mr. Bush sought relief from those unfair and biased counting methods.

As far as the question about Mr. Gore's right for a "correct result," he got the correct result. And he lost.

Kevin Wells, Grovetown


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