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Election was not fair to blacks 121500 - The Augusta Chronicle

Out of all the 49 states, Florida was screwed up because it's Gov. Jeb Bush's state and he would do anything to give the state to his brother. The election was fixed.

How can this be called an election when there were ballot boxes left in black churches that were never picked up in heavily Democratic precincts? Also, there were ballot boxes thrown beside the street in Democratic precincts that were found by police officers.

Can Republicans say they won honestly? If I had to cheat to win, I would not want it. If those people who are in high authority had God in their hearts, they would have done the right thing and looked into all the allegations they have been accused of. They just want to sweep this matter under the rug, as if to say black people's votes do not count for anything.

This was a tragedy and it still is. The news media played a part in this confused election. If the press is going to report the news, it needs to report all of it; do not leave out what happened about the ballot boxes and the fact that the majority of all those votes that were thrown out were cast by black voters.

Every black person who voted should be highly upset, that is, if they are Democrats. This is supposed to be a fair and equal country regardless of race, color, creed or religion. I do not think it is. God will have the last word.

Lucille Wright, Lincolnton

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