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Al Gore's America is full of villains 121500 - The Augusta Chronicle

It's paradoxical that a presidential candidate could win the popular vote while losing his home state. But to understand how it could happen, consider the bottom-feeders who turned out in record numbers to support Al Gore:

America's parasite class; the able-bodied and unemployed who demand low-cost or no-cost housing, food and medical care as God-given rights. The nation's bloodsuckers vote Democrat because their public assistance lifestyle is sponsored by Democrats generation after generation.

Intellectual pinheads from the entertainment industries who throw their wealth and celebrity behind any liberal cause or candidate. Actors, musicians and TV talk show hosts who proclaim Bill Clinton to be the greatest of all American presidents.

Brain-dead zealots who embrace the twisted logic of suing firearms makers rather than punishing the lower life forms who use guns to commit crimes.

Professional protesters who stage weepy candlelight vigils in protest of capital punishment, but find the mass murder of unborn babies a perfectly civilized notion.

Militant gays, frustrated feminists, and minority leaders who have made lucrative careers out of racial hypocrisy...

Morally challenged liberals who approve of gay and lesbian marriage and see no problem with the idea of raising children in homes where mother may be a man, or father may be a woman.

This is Al Gore's America ... It would probably be safe to assume that the jurors from O.J. Simpson's murder trial also voted for Mr. Gore. The question is, how did four of them end up as justices of Florida's Supreme Court?

N.L. Hill, Lincolnton


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