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Believes Democrats ignored nation 121500 - The Augusta Chronicle

I am almost embarrassed to say I am an American. I can't believe that an adult representative in the Democratic Party actually thought it was intelligent and mature to say, "The only thing missing on the proclamation is the postmark from Austin, Texas."

Florida state Rep. Lois Frankel, leader of the House Democrats, made this comment referring to the Bush campaign. She said on NBC-TV, "It really saddens me to say that the Legislature has now become the political arm of the Bush campaign ... They are determined to make sure that George Bush wins this campaign at all costs."

The GOP leaders, Speaker Tom Feeney and Senate President John McKay, said they were acting to preserve the state's right to have its electors counted in the Electoral College on Dec. 18, and had not been pressured by Bush's campaign. It's a shame that an elected official doesn't see the need to protect Florida's Electoral votes ...

I do understand what is at stake, but there comes a point in time when personal ambition should take a back seat to the needs of our country.

John Shrader, Martinez


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