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Raps Sore-Loserman's mouthpiece 121500 - The Augusta Chronicle

Roger Fortier's Dec. 10 letter was thoughtful, articulate and passionate, and as full of holes as the fairy tale presented to the courts by the Sore-Loserman campaign's mouthpieces.

Mr. Fortier wanders through a laundry list of "imaginations," half-baked analogies comparing the presidential election to events in Third World countries.

George W. Bush should not be castigated just because his family has a history of distinguished public service. The president is not elected by popular vote, but by electoral vote. Rather than proving the anachronistic nature of the electoral college, recent events prove the opposite.

Bush never declared himself victor. He only accepted the declaration made by the chief elections officer, whose job it is to collect and certify precincts' vote totals, almost all of which are controlled by supporters of his opponent.

Regarding "confusing or poorly designed ballots," I concede that it does seem very difficult to follow a straight line from a candidate's name to a hole right next to it. It's just strange that only a certain group had problems.

Voter intimidation charges may have been warranted, as there were many new voters who reached the polls only to be confronted by styluses, punch cards and confusing banners which read "Check your ballots. If you need help, ask." No one has been charged with impeding any voter legally qualified to vote.

There is nothing improper about winning by 537 out of six million votes. Even a Palm Beach counter can figure out that all one needs is a margin of one ...

Steven Lemon, Augusta


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