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Becomes a yellow dog Republican 121500 - The Augusta Chronicle

I'm one of many Americans who usually votes for the right man no matter what party he is in. No more. I will vote Republican from the president to dog catcher from now on.

You think I'm alone? I'm not. There are millions like me now. We will no longer listen to the mindless misinformed people who followed President Bill Clinton and his clone, Vice President Al Gore. They are more harmful to the American process than communism ever was.

It's a sad testimonial to the Democratic Party that Richard Nixon had more integrity than the Democrats' choice for president. Those people better wake up and see what Mr. Gore and his lawyers have done to the very foundation of this fine country.

Do they have brains? Do they believe that we care what Barbra Streisand and the rest of Democrats' Hollywood cronies think? They have no bearing on my life. I couldn't care less what any Democrats do from now on.

I personally think they all are enemies of the state and are showing it daily in the news. Just remember that people died for the right to vote. And if there is a brain left among them, they had better stop this attack on our nation. They will lose in the long run.

Phil Patterson, Martinez


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