Originally created 12/08/00

Unsure that Gore won popular vote 120800 - The Augusta Chronicle

Here's my question. How do we, the American people, know that Al Gore actually received the popular vote? For that matter, we don't know that he really carried as much of the Electoral College as he's credited with.

If we are to believe what he keeps telling us, that all votes have not been counted, then, of course, that means that there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of hanging chads, swinging chads, etc., that have not been counted across America. This could, of course, change the outcome of both the popular vote and Electoral College. Am I not right?

Obviously there is no complete or accurate vote, as he has now made known to all. What's left? What is a fair vote? Wouldn't you think the only fair thing is to accept the machine counts, which everyone else in the United States has had to do? Is it fair not to hand count every under-vote in all of these United States?

Kim S. Muns, Jackson


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