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Bush brain smarter than his critic's 120800 - The Augusta Chronicle

Brenda Cooter demonstrates the success of our educational system with the views expressed in her Dec. 5 letter, "George W. Bush can't buy a brain."

One can only wonder about Ms. Cooter's brain, given that her letter misstated so many facts.

She tells us, "in local races too close to call, there's a runoff." What she meant to say was "recount." Then she suggests that Florida have a "runoff," again meaning "recount," except for military ballots.

Ms. Cooter couldn't leave well enough alone. She compares Bill Clinton to the Bible's King David, noting that David, "had a man killed to cover up getting the man's wife pregnant."

Goodness. Is she aware of more of Mr. Clinton's nefarious activities which have yet to be made public?

Still not satisfied, Ms. Cooter continues by mentioning Adolf Hitler, the Gestapo, and Dick Cheney, who Ms. Cooter thinks is a "billionaire." Someone please call Mr. Cheney to suggest he rethink his investment portfolio.

She concludes by stating George W. Bush isn't bright enough to be president. Some of us think Ms. Cooter isn't bright enough to write letters to the editor. Before she sends the next one, though, she ought to consider some facts.

Mr. Bush earned degrees from both Yale and Harvard and was a jet fighter pilot. He's been successful in the private sector and was the first governor of Texas (Republican or Democrat) to be re-elected to office. He did so with unusually enthusiastic support from African-American and Hispanic voters and in January he will be the president of the United States. He's certainly smarter than Ms. Cooter. I'll take his brain any day.

Keith Shafer, Augusta


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