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Empty Stocking Fund

Retirement has become increasingly difficult for one Augusta couple.

The husband has been hospitalized twice in the past three months. He has had three open-heart surgeries, and both he and his wife are diabetics.

"The medical expenses for my wife and I is leaving me nowhere near enough money to pay the bills," he writes.

Without their children's help, the couple would not have been able to handle the expenses. But the husband's recent hospital visits are creating a financial strain on their children.

He writes to the Empty Stocking Fund that any assistance would help the entire family.

Through contributions to the fund, the couple will receive gift certificates from local Kroger and Kmart stores.

Contributions can be sent to Empty Stocking Fund, P.O. Box 1928, Augusta, GA 30903-1928. Or visit augustachronicle.com/ emptystocking to make donations to The Empty Stocking Fund online.

Applications for the fund are still being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information about where to pick up these applications or how to contribute, call INFOLINE at 442-4444 and press 3340.

Previously acknowledged: $21,386.80

From Chinese Women's Club - $25.00

Gene and Frances Laska - 100.00

In Memory of my sister, Mary Tom Moore - 100.00

Cecil W. and Elma S. Threlkeld - 10.00

Graham F. Deriso Jr. - 50.00

Jincy Johnston - 20.00

In Memory of: Mr. & Mrs. Harry W. Thomas - 200.00

No Name Please - 35.00

Julie A. Olson - 100.00

John F. and Jean A. Bowles - 50.00

In memory of Irene and Mike - 25.00

Mary S. Maxwell - 50.00

Shyam S. Iyer, M.D., and Kamal Iyer, M.D. - 100.00

Please No Name in Chronicle - 50.00

2 Corinthians 9:15 - 25.00

No Name Please - 25.00

Helga & Tom Kane in memory of Carl Routh - 25.00

From Tim S. Antonacci - 25.00

For unfortunate children - 100.00

Anonymous - 10.00

In memory of Jim Gilbert (Jan. 17, 1995) & his homegrown tomatoes - from an old friend - 5.00

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Blanchard - 50.00

JHL - 100.00

In loving memory of Harry T. Ashley Sr. & Madeline Norris - 50.00

Total today: $1,330.00

Total this year: $22,716.80


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