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Veteran blasts use of dead Viet GI in partisan diatribe 120700 - The Augusta Chronicle

I cannot believe a Democrat would have the gall to question anyone's draft status. The venom of blind hatred poisons the mind and causes liberals to do irrational things.

Richard D. Renew's Nov. 11 letter finds it somehow sinister that Dick Cheney obtained draft deferments. Big deal. So did Al Gore in college.

Presumably, to earn Mr. Renew's approval, Mr. Cheney should have "pulled a Bill Clinton" and lied, sought refuge in a foreign country and carried on anti-American activities in the pay of our enemies.

Al Gore Jr. did serve in Vietnam. He was a public relations "wiener," a position less manly than "doughnut dolly." Junior got that pampered and protected position due to the influence of U.S. Sen. Al Gore Sr., D-Tenn., his daddy. ...

Mr. Renew seems angry that Mr. Cheney and George W. Bush can make livings on their own. Unlike the Gores, junior and senior, Mr. Cheney lived off his own efforts rather than the taxpayers, and what seems worse, was successful.

Perhaps Mr. Renew would have Mr. Cheney double bill clients for work never done, or get thousands in purported trades in cattle futures without investing a dime as did Hillary Clinton.

I'm most sickened by Mr. Renew's cloaking his putrescent political smear around the body of a dead comrade. I lost many friends in three tours in Vietnam and I honor their sacrifice.

I don't demean them by using their memories in a partisan political attack. That's despicable. I say to you, Mr. Renew, wrap yourself back in your flag and crawl back under your rock.

Dave Stewart, Grovetown


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