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Bush lied about running mate's health 113000 - The Augusta Chronicle

During the presidential campaign, Texas Gov. George W. Bush repeatedly accused Vice President Al Gore of lying and exaggerating about matters of small consequence.

However, on an issue of vital importance to the public, the status of would-be Vice President Dick Cheney's health, Mr. Bush stood in front of the microphones and deliberately lied to the American people, stating that Mr. Cheney did not suffer a heart attack, although at that very moment Mr. Cheney was undergoing surgery to repair damage stemming from a heart attack.

Is this not hypocrisy? This man who would be president, who knowingly selected as his runningmate a man with serious health problems in order to bolster his own weak image, failed to measure up to the demands of a critical situation.

The American people were lied to by the physicians and by Mr. Bush. The finger that he repeatedly pointed at Mr. Gore now points to him.

Should Mr. Bush's cause prevail, his word will always be doubted, particularly in times of crisis. He cannot face unpleasant truths nor can he help the nation face that truth. This man lacks the stuff of leadership.

Gloria Greenbaum, Augusta


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