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Democrats want victory at any cost 112900 - The Augusta Chronicle

We should all be red-faced today with this ridiculous election fiasco going on. Best two out of three, best three out of five, best four out of seven, hanging chad, confused voters who can't follow the arrow.

The Democrats want to "count" all votes, including some that really don't count. They also want to toss out military votes that did occur, so those voters don't count.

Al Gore just cannot believe he could lose an election, so he won't quit until he can buy it - I mean win it. He is showing his liberal arrogance that only he can speak for the country, that he knows what is best for me. Not so.

The Democrats always talk about mean-spirited Republicans, well I would hate to be in the gun-sights of the Gore spin team because they spout venom to trash anyone in their way. You would stand a better chance in a dark closet with a rabid pitbull than to cross paths with the team who "cares about the people."

I would be ashamed to have this Clinton clone as my president. He pushes division just as Bill Clinton has to win at all costs for totally selfish reasons, not for the people.

If the mean-spirited, partisan, vote-stealing, Democrat political hacks and their left-wing conspiracy end up "winning" this election, I will still send my letter of congratulations to President George W. Bush.

Incidentally, I am glad Bill Clinton finally made it to Vietnam 30 years after I was there. Never too late.

Wayne Doolittle, Harlem


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