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Empty stocking fund

Many parents writing to the Empty Stocking Fund are seeking help to make this holiday season special for their children.

But others are writing to find a way for their families just to make it through the month.

In one Augusta household, a mother and her 14-year-old son are trying to figure out how to survive on virtually nothing.

The woman does not receive money for child support, disability or unemployment. In fact, the family's only income is $238 a month in food stamps.

She writes that she was holding a job but is now unemployed. She became seriously ill in July and never fully recovered, even after undergoing surgery.

As Christmas approaches, she is left with no real income and no one to turn to for help with the bills. She writes that she has nothing to offer her son this year except faith that a higher being is watching out for them.

She writes to the fund for help in any capacity - not necessarily to buy toys or tinsel - but for anything it can provide them.

"Thank you if you help us, and thanks if you don't," she writes. "But know we are in need, and we do need help."

Through contributions from the community to the Empty Stocking Fund, she and her son will be able to visit local Kroger and Kmart stores for food and basic necessities.

Contributions can be sent to Empty Stocking Fund, P.O. Box 1928, Augusta, GA 30903-1928. Or visit augustachronicle.com/ emptystocking to make your donations to The Empty Stocking Fund online. For more information, call INFOLINE at 442-4444 and press 3340.

Previously acknowledged: $0.00

Recreation Club of BP Amoco $5,767.35

Dixie Darlins 100.00

Cash donated at Empty Stocking Fund Concert on Sunday 2,207.04

In memory of my dear friend, Dixie Murdock 20.00

In memory of J.B. Shaw 10.00

In memory of Alice Stewart 25.00

In Memory: Ray Tuero 20.00

In Memory of Rev. Robert J. Hahn 20.00

In memory of Milledge M. Peterson Jr. by Pat & Sam Bradley 25.00

In Honor of Nicholas, Amanda and Caroline 50.00

Roger P. and Judith A. Anderson100.00

Richard B. and Ollie T. Sconyers100.00

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wong100.00

Jesse M. Carleton, CPA100.00

Robert L. and Cara H. Smalley 100.00

Nell P. Denning 100.00

Louise and Clifford L. Greenside 50.00

Robert J. and Lucille W. Weldon 50.00

Anthony L. and Rena Pearson-Shaver 50.00

John J. and Barbara G. Jarvis 50.00

In memory of Jacqueline Denise 25.00

Kenneth E. McGahee and Mrs. Ellie R. McGahee 25.00

Dorothy L. Smith 25.00

Mary Wells 25.00

Gary and Jo Ann Temples 25.00

Carol K. and Robert H. Eubank 25.00

Mrs. Jewell H. Eubank 25.00

Mr. Clyde E. and Mrs. Barbara F. Lester 25.00

Vernon P. and Doris Koziatek 25.00

Mrs. Barbara M. Peterson 25.00

Carl H. and Ruth Thieme 25.00

Gregory J. Czech 25.00

E.F. and Rae M. Cavaleri 25.00

Jacquelin F. Jennings 25.00

Allan A. and Barbara Zagrodnik 25.00

Kim A. and Lance E. McGahee 25.00

Anonymous 25.00

Gerald and Neina W. Thompson 25.00

Mrs. Alma O. Bennett 25.00

Robert W. Straughan 20.00

Patricia L. and C. Curt Strickland 20.00

Isabelle P. Boozer 20.00

Laura Morris 20.00

Cynthia K. and Walter P. Wagner 20.00

Karen V. Zagrodnik 20.00

Irvin E. and Lore G. Ingraham15.00

Mrs. Karen S. Bobbitt 15.00

Charles C. and Joyce B. Toole 10.00

Rosemary B. Selby10.00

Mrs. Betty J. Jordon Martin and Howard Martin10.00

Catherine M. Jones10.00

Robert C. and Juanita G. Martin10.00

Wanda W. Yow 10.00

Miss Dorothy R. Ashe and Donna Ashe Small 10.00

Don J. and Michelle S. Milford 10.00

William R., Priscilla and Wendy Stielow 10.00

John and Emily McKinney 10.00

Helen C. Raissle Trustee 10.00

Mildred V. Miller 10.00

Mr. Ralph V. and Mrs. Barbara S. Duncan 10.00

Michael J. and Tammilee L. Regan 10.00

Mildred C. Boggs 5.00

James P. and Betty G. Pappas 5.00

Caroline R. Slaton and Ruth Barwick 5.00

Ethel E. Sell 5.00

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Jordon 5.00

Sandra J. Nyilas 5.00

Martha T. Bobbitt 25.00

S.E. Corley 20.00

Mary E. Norris 15.00

Florence S. Catchings 15.00

Evelyn A. Peters 15.00

Carolyn F. Garner 15.00

Linda Corley 10.00

James H. and Alice M. Wilson 20.00

Total today: $9,974.39

Total this year: $9,974.39


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