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Friendship strained by relationship


I've liked this guy for eight years. We used to always talk until his girlfriend came along. She doesn't let him talk to me, much less have any female friends. She treats him like a dog. He deserves so much better, someone who will treat him right. He's the only guy I can ever see myself marrying. It hurts so bad. - 17-year-old Aiken girl

Here's what you had to say:

If you like him that much, you should confront him and tell him that his girlfriend is not treating him right. If he feels the same way you feel about his girlfriend not treating him right, you should put a thought in his head that him and his girlfriend are not going to work out and you two are perfect for each other.

He doesn't want you. If he's going out with another girl, you just should leave him.

I think you should tell the boy that you are in love with him.

You should talk to the boy. If he feels the same and understands how you feel, he would give you the respect that you deserve and understand how you feel.

I think you should talk to him and tell him your true feelings. If he is the guy that you are supposed to be with, then he'll pick you over that girl. If he doesn't, then forget about it. If he is, God will help you out with it. Just have faith and don't give up on him.

It's obvious that your friend doesn't like you as much as you think he likes you. If he puts you to the side for another female, then you should explain your feelings to him or how you feel about it. And explain to her also that you don't want to take him from her, but you just want to be his friend.

You need to find someone new, evidently.


I have a friend who's like my cousin because we're really close. I don't know how to tell him that I like him. I really like him, but I don't want either one of us to get hurt in the long run.

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