Originally created 11/21/00

Columnist drives wedge in community 112100 - The Augusta Chronicle

I don't usually write letters to the editor, but I could not sit by and allow columnist Phil Kent to go unchallenged and unchecked, (Sunday, Politics As Usual, Page 4A). I like Rep. Robin Williams. I thought he was an effective legislator. He did all he could within political constraints to work across political lines.

However, I am not going to isolate and criticize Rep.-elect Sue Burmeister. She won a fair and competitive election. Mrs. Burmeister beat Rep. Williams and that is final.

Mr. Kent's sour grapes should cease. There is nothing wrong with Mrs. Burmeister working with all members of the Richmond County legislative delegation. After all, she is the duly elected representative of the 114th District. Mr. Kent just will not let go. He tries constantly to drive wedges between blacks and whites, rich and poor, Democrats and Republicans. Mr. Kent is and has been the most divisive public figure in Richmond County.

Mrs. Burmeister should be extended every courtesy by our local delegation, and I, for one, intend to do just that.

Mr. Kent made it preference for Rep. Williams known, and, as usual, the people rejected his choice. It's time to pen him up. If Augusta is to grow and prosper, the Phil Kent issue must be addressed.

Sen. Charles Walker, Augusta


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