Originally created 11/21/00

Visiting an old enemy 112100 - The Augusta Chronicle

Decades after refusing to serve in the Vietnam War, President Bill Clinton finally went to Vietnam in the sunset of his presidency - mustering as much dignity as he could.

It remains galling to many Americans that he dodged the bullet when confronted about why he didn't serve, and how he got out of it. Finally, he just said it: He protested the war, and so he didn't want to go.

A lot of young men avoided actual fighting against the Vietnamese Reds for various reasons. Al Gore went, but as a photographer. Texas Gov. George Bush showed up for reserve duty. Former Vice President Dan Quayle got a nice National Guard post. But considering that Clinton wouldn't tell the truth until his feet were held to the fire about his draft-dodging, his trip to our one-time Communist enemy leaves many Americans unimpressed. In fact, what was his point in going at all?


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