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Takes courage to refute extremists 112100 - The Augusta Chronicle

In response to Roger Eden's Nov. 14 letter, I ask him not to live in the past.

He concluded that the "Islamic nations there do not want peace." I do not know why he is focusing his discussion on events that happened more than 5,000 years ago. We are at year 2000 and the Israeli flag is flying in Egypt and in Jordan. The PLO has accepted Resolution 242 which indicates commitment for peace and security for all countries in the region.

If we are really looking for peace, we must concentrate on why Camp David II failed. What is missing from the picture, so that we can see it in full, are two elements: the Israeli extremists' threat to peace and the colored map that shows that Israel offered to return to the Palestinian a state that looks like a Swiss cheese with the holes given to the Palestinians.

While the Palestinian extremists are put in jail, the Israeli extremists are invited to form the coalition government of Israel. We may see Israeli soldiers holding the gun over the Palestinians but we should also see the Israeli extremists holding the gun over the Israeli government.

The majority of Israelis wants peace and wants it now. We should be courageous enough to say no to those extremists who want to live on the graves of the Palestinians. For them this is the only peace that they want to give them.

Aladien Fadel, Martinez


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