Originally created 11/21/00

We don't all make Rivera's kind of 'mistake' 112100 - The Augusta Chronicle

I read with disgust Valory Williams' Nov. 13 letter about Reinaldo Rivera. She said Mr. Rivera made a mistake, that he is a human being and that we all make mistakes and we need to pity him.

No. A mistake is when you put too much sugar in your coffee. If Mr. Rivera did what he's accused of doing, he's a gutless coward who made a cold, calculated decision to take out his aggressions on women, a prime example of why we need capital punishment. Why do we coddle and give aid and comfort to animals like him? What we need is swift justice that will give some closure to victims' families.

Will we ever be free of the Riveras of this world, when smooth-talking lawyers will do anything to get them off - and people like Valory Williams continue to support criminals?

What about the victims? What about their rights?

Billy Bedgood, Martinez


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