Originally created 11/21/00

At odds with CSRA 'liberal queen' 112100 - The Augusta Chronicle

I waited patiently, checking letters to the editor each day, and true to form I was rewarded with an entertaining tirade from the "liberal queen of the Central Savannah River Area" - Elaine van der Linden of Belvedere.

What a fanatic this woman is. She is almost as "livid" (her word) about Republican corruption in Floridia's election as she was about the impeachment of her all-time hero, the great Bill Clinton.

She made a mockery of herself by making several statements to the effect that she didn't care whether it was George W. Bush or Al Gore or Republican or Democrat, etc. ...

What a joke. Everyone who has ever read The Chronicle knows her to be the most partisan, liberal zealot alive. She shouldn't insult the public or embarrass herself by pretending to be anything else.

By the way, the "strange, one-of-a-kind, confusing ballot" is the same one used in Cook County, Ill., the Chicago area playground of William Daley who happens to be Mr. Gore's campaign chairman.

Clark Morris, Martinez


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