Georgia has lost a true fighter

Business briefs

Officials: Reshuffle necessary

Georgia Tech notebook

Peterson will be ready for Cowboys

Georgia notebook

South Carolina notebook

Georgia notebook

Gamecocks wait for bowl decision

Clemson notebook

Georgia Southern to play McNeese State in playoffs

Running game put Georgia on top

Georgia loses to Minnesota

Duke one point behind Arizona

World Golf Hall of Fame enshrines 8

Woods wins 10th tournament this year

Lynx ledger and notebook

Mighty Ducks top Islanders 2-1

Owner embodies Greenville rivalry

Tree vendors prepare for season

City panel OKs 2001 spending

Across the area

Vote flap revitalizes reformists

SRS executives say nooses were jokes

Two fires scorch townhomes

School board pushes voters to renew tax

State kicks off seat belt checks

Candidates lose bids for district revotes

Joy in learning reaches pupils

Three fires scorch townhomes

Police have high rate of avoidable wrecks

Across the area

ANIC moves forward on projects

Center keeps families in touch

Fee rates go before city panel

Halfway house plan shifts site

Chief rules out arson at church

This week in Georgia

Drought lowers cotton yields

Panel's balloting changes

Student studies besmirched birds

This week in South Carolina

Golf course owner marks anniversaries

Vikings' offense is too much for Panthers

Atlanta's offense still struggles

49ers defense stops Falcons

Augusta Georgia: metro@ugusta: Police have high rate of avoidable wrecks 11/20/00

Augusta Georgia: metro@ugusta: High school teacher earns honor 11/21/00

Augusta Georgia: xtreme@ugusta: Woodworking wonder 11/21/00

Augusta Georgia: metro@ugusta: State kicks off seat belt checks 11/21/00

Augusta Georgia: metro@ugusta: Regional jet planes revolutionize flight 11/20/00

Augusta Georgia: metro@ugusta: ANIC moves forward on projects 11/21/00

Augusta Georgia: metro@ugusta: Golf course owner marks anniversaries 11/20/00

Augusta Georgia: metro@ugusta: Center keeps families in touch 11/21/00

Augusta Georgia: features@ugusta: Trimming the turkey 11/21/00

Augusta Georgia: metro@ugusta: Tree vendors prepare for season 11/21/00

Augusta Georgia: metro@ugusta: Joy in learning reaches pupils 11/20/00

Augusta Georgia: technology@ugusta: Area tested atomic devices 11/21/00

Augusta Georgia: features@ugusta: Holiday season can be a threat to dieters' resolve 11/21/00

Augusta Georgia: technology@ugusta: Grand canyons 11/21/00

Augusta Georgia: metro@ugusta: Student studies besmirched birds 11/20/00

Augusta Georgia: xtreme@ugusta: Your style 11/21/00

Augusta Georgia: technology@ugusta: Stable storage 11/20/00

Augusta Georgia: technology@ugusta: Site acts as reactor architect 11/20/00

Mr. Clarence Adams

Mrs. Jeanette Barnes

Mr. Jesse Williams

Mr. Lester Poole

Mr. Fred Key

Mrs. Ruth Bailey

Mr. Ronald Fairchild

Mrs. Jacquelyn Frazier

Mr. Kenneth Ripnen

Mrs. Martha Davis

Mrs. Edith Haynes

Mr. David Brunson Sr.

Mrs. Youn Fitzgerald

Mrs. June Cato

Mr. John Lorick

Mrs. Jane Bledsoe

Mr. Jesse Dunn

Mrs. Bettie Coretti

Mr. William Johnson Jr.

Mr. Michael Garrett

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Mrs. Velma Flakes

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Rev. J. Yates Frady

Mrs. Betty McRay

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Mr. Jackie Dial

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Mrs. Martha Smith

Mr. Miller Brown

Mrs. Marion Franklin

Mrs. Vera Garrison

Mr. Thomas Davis Jr.

Mr. Cornelious Young Sr.

Mr. Jesse Dunn

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Mr. Ray Cockrell

Mr. Johnnie O'Bryant Sr.

Mr. Fred Key

Mrs. Bettie Coretti

Mrs. Kathy Corley

Mr. Robert Harmon

Mrs. Myessia Johnson

Mr. Leroy Harper Sr.

Mrs. Mary York

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Nadeau saves best for year's last


NASCAR racing season near end


Trimming the turkey

In the know

Holiday season can be a threat to dieters' resolve

Woodworking wonder

Friendship strained by relationship

Your style

Grand canyons

French court orders Yahoo! to block French users from auction sites

Stable storage

Area tested atomic devices