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Columnist a racial wrecking ball 112000 - The Augusta Chronicle

In Augusta's ongoing effort to construct a framework of racial trust and mutual respect, your political columnist and senior editorial writer, Philip Kent, has been a one-man wrecking ball.

Most recently, he pursued Augusta's former fire chief all the way to our nation's capital, taking the extraordinary step of publishing his negative views of Ronnie Few in a Washington daily newspaper.

What did Mr. Kent hope to accomplish? did he hope that the city of Washington, D.C. would decline to hire Mr. Few and thus send him back to Augusta?

If he is a bad penny, why would we want him back? Or was your columnist merely exercising one of his notorious urges to be shrill and self-indulgent at the expense of community relations?

Against this backdrop, I was amused to read Mr. Kent's vitriolic attack on Vice President Al Gore in Sunday's newspaper.

When Mr. Kent next feels the urge to reproach anyone for lack of class and character, I would suggest that he has ample opportunity to do so at point-blank range, every morning when he shaves.

Jay Connail, Augusta


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