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Democrats full of dirty tricks 112000 - The Augusta Chronicle

Per Elaine van der Linden's Nov. 14 letter: She insinuates that the Republican Party is responsible for use of the butterfly ballot in Palm Beach and that the GOP has resorted to "dirty tricks" to win the election.

If you want to talk about "dirty tricks," allow me to enlighten you on a few enacted by the Democratic Party:

Democrats want the public to believe that it was Republicans who were responsible for the butterfly ballot being used in Palm Beach, but in reality the person who OK'd its use was a Democrat.

A telemarketing firm in Texas was hired by the Democrat Party to call Democrat voters in Florida on election night and state how confusing they felt the ballot was and to place doubt into voters' mind that they may have mistakenly voted for the wrong candidate. They were told to contact their congressman ...

The matter of double-punched ballots was blown up by the Democrat Party and the liberal press. Many Palm Beach voters realized they had mistakenly punched the wrong hole at the polling booth and were given another ballot to cast. What the Democrat Party doesn't want you to realize is that every precinct in the U.S. that uses hand-punched ballots will statistically have a certain percentage of double-punched ballots.

There have been reports of Democrat precincts whose voters were given two ballots to cast instead of just one.

The election results in one Democratic precinct disclosed it had 123 more votes cast than they had registered voters. A 60-70 percent turnout would have been phenomenal but are we to believe this precinct had over a 100 percent turnout?

The Democrat Party will have you believe it is doing "the will of the people," dragging this out with recount after recount. It knows that if they recount the ballots long enough they can steal the votes they need to win...

The votes in Florida have been counted and George W. Bush has won. The votes in Florida have been recounted and Mr. Bush has won. The votes in four Democratic districts have been hand-counted and Mr. Bush has won. Mr. Gore needs to face reality like a man...

D. Dabbs, Evans


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