Originally created 11/20/00

Gore camp fears an accurate count 112000 - The Augusta Chronicle

Regarding Laura Withers' Nov. 16 letter, "Who's afraid of an accurate vote?"

I believe the Al Gore camp is. You see the hand count is asking people to "guess" at what the voter may or may not have been thinking. Personally, I am surprised that more Republican voters aren't up in arms over the fact that their vote could be changed to Vice President Al Gore if someone thought their chad had been "pregnant."

The media has kept quiet on the issue of the college students in Wisconsin who seem to be proud of the fact that they voted multiple times for Mr. Gore. Is a criminal record the "in" thing to have these days?

The American people are the ones at fault here. Are these the moral standards that we have taught our children? Cheat if you get a few kicks from it, and damn the consequences. Or has the process of choosing a president become a joke to the young adults who now have the opportunity to help choose our next president. I am more interested in a true count of the votes and it is obvious that at this point we will never get it.

Cherie Lee Portinga, Evans


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