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Bleeding heart letter irks reader 112000 - The Augusta Chronicle

In reference to Valory Williams' Nov. 13 letter, "Rivera's mistake," the letter infuriates me so much, I almost don't know where to begin. Let's start with the most horrendous remark. How can she possibly refer to what that monster did as simply a mistake?

Police say Reinaldo Rivera viciously attacked, raped and murdered at least four women. That's not a mistake; that's serial killing. And no, we don't all make mistakes of such an atrocious nature.

Secondly, if she honestly believes that a serial killer can be counseled and rehabilitated, then I hate to break the news to her about the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. Face it; it's simply not true.

He was clever enough to use different vehicles, target young, naive women, pack a knife in his duffel bag and stake out different locations. This demon will not change his behavior.

Yes, there are two very good reasons for putting him to death: 1) so that we, the taxpayers, do not have to pay for him to eat and breathe; and 2) most importantly, so that he cannot do it again.

Finally, pity should be reserved for people who have no choice in what cards life deals them. For example, Tiffany Wilson's daughter had absolutely no say in what happened to her mother. She will never know her mother. The victims' families deserve empathy and prayer for losing their sisters and daughters.

Mr. Rivera's wife and children deserve prayer and empathy, too. But there is no way I can pity a man who deliberately murdered these women. May God have pity on Ms. Williams' bleeding heart.

Tina Anchor, Martinez


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